For Those Who Love Veggies...
Try Tony's Fresh & Delicious Salads.

Prices are subject to change with out notice.

  • Caesar

    Sm. $5.25 | Lg. $9.25
  • Chicken Caesar

    Sm. $6.55 | Lg. $12.25
  • Greek

    Sm. $5.25 | Lg. $8.25
  • House

    Sm. $5.25 | Lg. $8.25
  • Julienne

    Sm. $6.00 | Lg. $9.75

Know What You Want?

Then what are you waiting for?

Went to Tony's all the time for lunches when I lived in Kingston. Staff was always extremely friendly and welcoming. Slices taste great and are cheap. I highly recommend stopping by for lunch sometime.

Nathan S.

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